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Film audio

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Advertisiting, Game Audio, Animation, Motion Design

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About Bengio Jonas

Sound designer | France

Great sound is the best way to enhance and support a creative vision.

If you need audio for a short animation, avideo game, a commercial or a film, I will always give my best to deliver the greatest audio experience that will give your project that extra oomph!

I am a self taught sound designer who has worked with a wide variety of clients such as Adult Swim, Christie’s, Hennessy, Maison Margiela, Urban Outfitters, Laylow…

My work includes:

Professional sound design and sound editing
Custom sound creation using recordings and processing techniques to create unique sounds
Wwise/FMOD sound implementation

If you decide to work with me, I’ll always make sure to understand your needs and deliver quality work.



Year Project name Client Role
2023 Evolution Bumper Adult Swim Sound Designer
2022 STOIC STOIC Sound Designer
2022 Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters Sound Designer

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