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Game audio

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Game Audio Integration, File Management for AI, ADR

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Sound designer | Spain

I am an enthusiastic sound designer based in Barcelona, with a rich experience of over 10 years in sound design & audio engineering.
My goal is to continue working and practicing as a professional within the sector, work on projects that can expand my skills and experience of my vocation and passion, the sound.
My dedication and constant work have allowed me to work in grade A studios and all kind of projects such as feature films, short films, advertising campaigns, dubbing, radio, apps, video games and musical projects.
The last four years I had been working for national and international brands like Netflix, Apple, Nestle, Danone, Cupra and many more. Nowadays, I am expanding my horizons working on game sound design, learning middleware software like Wwise and coding languages like JavaScript or C#


Year School Course
2014 SAE, Middlesex University Bachelor’s Degree, Audio Engineering
2013 Universitat de València Online Postgraduate in Audio and Sound Systems
2012 MK3 Diploma on Foley Design
2012 MK3 Diploma in Sound Engineering
2008 Escola Frederic Mistral Tècnic Eulàlia Scientific Baccalauréat

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