Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game audio integration, Sound design & Mixing

Highlighted references

• Had the chance to meet Noe Velázquez, a personal hero of mine while working at a dubbing studio, he’s the voice actor of Jim on Treasure Planet
• Driftz Game. Had the chance to develop and work with my school collegues making a racing videgame. I was tasked with all the audio integration.
• Designed a whole sound concept for a short animated film, and had some wild things allowed to put in.

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About Carlos René Lechuga González

Sound designer | SAE Institute | Mexico

Audio Engineer with experience in recording, editing, mixing and audio programming for the dubbing, animation and videogame sectors.

Focused on tech innovation inside the entertainment industry. Eager to learn, grow and excel doing what I love.

If you’re looking for innovation within the entertainment industry, I’m interested in your project and I’m sure I can bring some worth into the table through solid audio foundations and creativity.


Year School Course
2022 SAE Institute Audio Engineering

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