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About Chai Tal

Composer | CHAI – Musical creator | Israel

Music is a dominant part of my life
I started composing at a young age
At a very young age I was drawn to listening to world music
And I was very attracted to orchestral music,
And for interesting music it just mesmerized me
————————————————– ——————-
Has been playing the piano since the age of 5 independent learning
At the age of 8 I started playing guitar
After I got over it I started making music on the computer at the age of 10
I opened my first home studio at the age of 13
During this time I also received as a gift my first accordion where I started playing
I started composing and arranging my works at the age of 16
At the age of 17-23 I started playing special instruments from around the world and researching musical instruments
And I started, playing, and buying special instruments from the world
Today I play on
Wind Instruments:
xiao flute, clarinet, china hulusi, ney, ethnic flutes, Irish flutes

string instrument:
santur, baglama saz, bouzouki, guitar e / a, RUAN (CHINA STRING, bass

Zhonghu -china string

piano, acordion

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