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Dialogue / ADR

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location sound, podcast production, music production and composition

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About Chester E Gwazda

Sound designer | USA | Maryland

With over ten years as an audio engineer and a keen attention to detail, I excel at thoughtfully crafted sound design that supports and enhances audio stories. Through my deep knowledge of Pro Tools and its workflows I can work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines.

I am a lifelong musician, and have not only composed my own music, but also produced music for others, including several breakthrough albums for internationally recognized artists. Collaborating with others has been an important part of my work as a music producer, where bringing fresh ideas is just as important as listening to the artist’s ideas and finding creative ways to craft them into finished products.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Reverse Transmission Audible Sound Designer
2019 The Sea in the Sky Audible Sound Designer
2018 The Call of Warr Adult Swim Sound Mixer


Year School Course
2007 SUNY Purchase Music Production

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