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Film audio

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Sound design, editing, recording, production, mixing, boom operator

Highlighted references

• UN Women (Egypt) – #SpeakUp – PSA to End Violence Against Women (TV & Online)

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About Christopher Carter

Composer | The Echo Department | Germany

I have over six years of experience in music composition, sound design, location recording/set sound, 360-degree/VR audio, and other audio post-production for films and commercials, as well as recording, production, mixing, and mastering for numerous projects both live and in studio. I also play a variety of different instruments for recording sessions and do voiceover work (American accent). I have also recorded and produced several albums of my own music and that of others.

I’ve done the majority of the above under the name of The Echo Department, a company I started in 2015. This includes a broad range of international assignments, such as projects for the United Nations in Egypt, the Art of Living Foundation in India, Investigation Discovery in the USA, the Nigerian Music Awards, several short and feature-length films in South Africa and Germany, as well as local content for screen and television in the African and European markets.

You can find more information as well as a few examples of my work on my website:

For audiovisual work, I’m able to take on a wide range of audio work at any stage of the production process, and I’m capable of handling as much of the audio development (from pre-production to mastering) as necessary to create a totally coherent product that fits seamlessly with the visuals.

For music specifically, I have a great deal of experience as a composer, arranger, engineer, producer, and recording artist (multiple instruments). Please see my website for more details on the above.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 The Year of the Soul Schumann Brothers Sound mixer
2018 Da unten im Himmel Schaefer Method Composer, sound designer, foley artist
2017 Stay Inspired The Art of Living Composer, sound designer
2015 #SpeakUp – PSA to End Violence Against Women UN Women Composer, sound designer
2016 Hear No Evil Investigation Discovery Sound mixer

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