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Film audio

Other skills

Performance, Production, Sound Engineer, Audio Technician, Teacher

Highlighted references

• Keerahku
• Ciara and the Sherry Kid

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About Ciara Gayer

Composer | Gayerayer Records | UK

I have always had a great desire and to play and compose music. At the age of five, the guitar was introduced to me by my dad. Then, in the search to broaden my horizons, I began to play piano, bass, cello and violin in the years that followed. It was when I began to play piano that I grew in classical and compositional music, I often would watch films on mute and play along to the scene that was shown. I then began to write stories and then compose the music that I felt suited the script. Now more then 10 years later I write and compose a complete variety of different genres. I have a very powerful and soulful voice so I therefore usually write Blues and Soul when I am composing for myself. However, I also write and compose for my six-piece band and we play a great variety of music from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Pop to Funk and to Rock. I’ve been playing around 1 to 3 live gigs a week across Brighton over the past 3 years whilst I have been studying at University. I have also hosted many nights across Brighton, the largest being a fundraiser for the Hurricanes that happened at the end of last years summer. The event lasted 11 hours and have over 25 of local acts perform. I set up two stages at opposing ends of The North Laine Brewhouse, which meant each headliner set ran consistently, so the audience did not have to wait for the line checks. I also run monthly Blues nights at a local Jazz club. I am now using the production skills that I acquired in college to use software such as Ableton and Logic Pro to record my music and sell it for films and productions so I can fund the record label that I am hoping to start up in a few years.


Year School Course
2018 University of Brighton PPE
2013 Exeter Music College Diploma in Music Performance
2013 Exeter Music College A Level Music Technology

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