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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound Mixing, ADR, Foley, Film Sound

Highlighted references

• Comedy Central
• BattleBards
• Sky

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About Danio Cionini

Sound designer | Taskvideo S.r.l.s | Italy

Can you make your audio as memorable as your video? I can.

Professionally speaking, I work sounds using expansive experience and team leadership.
Personally, I like to add some thorough creativity and attention to details as working efficiently under pressure is my everyday.

5 years of experience in Audio Post Production for Film and Video.
Core focuses of interest currently include: Foley and ADR Recording, Sound Mixing, Sound Restoration, Studio Set-Up

Post-Production DAWs such as Pro Tools, Wwise, Adobe Audition and iZotope.

Pro-active and team leader.
Ability to work as a group and relate to customers in a very friendly and professional manner.
Attention to detail.
Proficiency in the use of standard office equipment.
Adapts easily to changing business needs, conditions, and work responsibilities
Ensures that standards for self, staff, equipment and services are set, reviewed and surpassed regularly to provide excellent service delivery
Customer Service Focus – Identifies and creates opportunities to improve every person’s experience with the Company
Decision Making/Problem Solving – Identifies an issue, gathers and processes relevant information coming up with possible solutions, selecting appropriate responses and implementing them
Integrity – Does the right thing without being asked
Self-Management – Works independently with minimal supervision and exhibits discipline in setting priorities
Teamwork – Participates actively in a team to improve the Company’s effectiveness


Year Project name Client Role
2018 “Europe, what a Passion!” CesUE (UE Organisation) Sound Mixer


Year School Course
2014 SSR Manchester Audio Engineering Techniques and Technology
2016 SSR Manchester Advanced Post Production
2018 Stanford University Online Edu. Physics-Based Sound Synthesis & Modal Synthesis

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