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Composer | Dave Deville Music | Brazil

Darker tones with a creepy touch, haunted melancholic screams, power and raw aggression, these are only words that are better translated through Dave Deville’s work.

With a background on rock music, the curiosity and drive to research and reverse engineer his favorite tunes have lead to a career on music production guiding innumerous artists for over 10 years, on the side lane, the composition and creation of original music has always been present and are now the main focus of his work.

Dave’s music is present in over 25 game projects, most recently as the original soundtrack for the upcoming survival horror game Heritage Hills, in the short film Sinner’s Soul among other film productions from Volta e Meia and also as an introduction track on the debut album of The Troops Of Doom from the former Sepultura member Jairo Guedz.

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