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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Field recorder, sound editor, sound, design, sound master.

Highlighted references

• Days of grace, Alphaville Studio, Special mention in Cannes.
• The obscure spring, Alphaville Studio, Ariel prices.
• Sin Vivir, Anaïs Pareto, special mention in Latin America Film Festival.

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About Diana Fonseca

Foley artist | Diana Post Audio | Germany

I am a passionate and dedicated sound artist, working in cinema, theater, music and what ever I can cross paths that has to do with audio realizations, recording and sound culture. I am specialized in field recording and foley recording. I am currently working as a free lancer for the reality shows industry and also as a voice over talent for the video games industry.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Die Kleine Bremer Höhe Matthias Lintner Foley artist
2017 Sin Vivir Anaïs Pareto Sound recorder
2015 El origen del cielo LABO Foley artist
2015 Un respiro Renato Gómez Sound editor/Foley artist
2014 Los contreras family Alphaville Sound editor
2014 The obscure spring Alphaville Sound editor
2013 Deseo Alphaville Dialogue editor
2013 I Don’t Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them Long Alphaville Sound effects editor
2013 Fotogramas Gabriela Paciel Sound editor
2012 Las paredes hablan Alphaville Sound editor, dialogue editor
2012 La Noria Alphaville Sound editor assistant
2012 El cielo en tu mirada Rodolfo Romero Sound effects editor
2011 Viento en contra Alphaville Sound editor assistant
2011 Days of grace Alphaville Sound editor assistant
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Year School Course
2011 ENAH Social Anthropology
2014 Astro LX Sound Mixer
2015 Alphaville Studio Sound designer/Foley maker

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