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Film audio

Other skills

Multi-genre Composer & Arranger, Film Music Composer

Highlighted references

• Farvaag
• Badstache Animation Studio
• Mr. Indifferent (Animation)

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About Fereydoun Bahrami

Composer | Fereydoun Bahrami | Switzerland

I am a multi-genre composer who is mainly interested in Electroacoustic music.
I started music professionally in 2007.
I have released albums and singles in different genres, and I have gained a lot of experience in
composing film and animation music during numerous orders.
Most important cooperations:
NBD Emirates Bank, Badstache studio, Saba Studio, Farvaag, Dorsa company, Nestle company, Dr. Abidi
the company, Fardin Khalatbari, Mahyar Alizadeh, Barana company, Eshareh company, Palet Band, etc.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Mr. Indifferent (Animation) NBD Emirates Bank Composer
2019 Distant Blue (Album) Barana Composer
2020 And My Eyes Have Taken the Sleep (Album) Saba Studio Composer
2021 Tomorrow (Animation) Badstache Animation Studio Composer
2020 The Other (Single Track) Kaveh Abedin Composer
2020 Transition (Music Video) Saba Studio Composer
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