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Game audio

Other skills

Composing, Game audio integration

Highlighted references

• Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples – Neon Play
• Traffic Panic: Boom Town – Neon Play

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About Gabriel Stone

Sound designer | UK

Having worked on projects as a Sound Designer and Music Composer with award-winning mobile games company Neon Play, I have experience being responsible, creative, and efficient in an in-house and freelance environment. Since I was young I have been very enthusiastic and passionate about gaming in general, the sci-fi role-playing genre especially! Although I love fantasy and shooting genres too.

With a degree from Bath Spa University in Creative Music Technology in which I was awarded a 1st and a faculty award, I have honed my skills and my work ethic to be a useful and effective sound designer (and composer when needed); the focus of my final year was Game Audio. Since my graduation in 2019 I have been working on my audio production skills, expanding my knowledge through writing, producing, and arranging music in House, EDM, Lofi Hip-Hop, and Pop music genres. I have brought what I have learned from this experience back to my sound design for Game Audio and continue to learn new things every day. With past employment at Apple and Vodafone, I am used to working in large and small teams and am easy to get on with. Feedback is always welcome and improving my craft is part of the joy of the job!

Now I am ready to gain further industry experience and put my skills to the test whilst continuing to learn.


Year School Course
2019 Bath Spa University Creative Music Technology

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