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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Mixing, Mastering, Music Producing, Composing

Highlighted references

• The Spot Milano
• Valentino
• Volt Rar

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Sound designer | Greg Audio Engeneering | Italy

Musician, producer and sound designer with a degree in industrial product design. I have a creative approach to problem-solving that allows me to deal with every situation and demand in the field. In 2022 I founded a collective in Milan called “The Spot Milano”, where I collaborate with artists and creatives in the realization and finalization of musical projects and not only, expanding my network. I define myself as an ethical person, effective, organized, my goals are the expression of technique and experimentation for the purpose of communicating, pushing the limits of contemporary music. Worked in fashion Sound Design with top brands like Valentino.


Year Project name Client Role
2023 @maisonvalentino event x @1granary Valentino Sound Designer


Year School Course
2022 University of Ferrara Bachelor Degree with honors in Product Design
2022 SAE Institute, Milano SAE Certification, Electronic Music Production

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