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Sound Recording Mixer, Sound Designer, Composer

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About Hugo Leitão

Re-recording mixer | Meia Laranja | Portugal

• Responsible for sound editing on various projects including feature films, television and documentaries. Editing tasks included Dialog, Music, Foley, Sound Effects and ADR editorial.
• Worked as Sound Editor for feature films and television projects
• Supervised technical support for the mix staff, working exclusively in the Pro Tools
environment using HDX systems and a multitude of plug-ins.
Freelance – Lisbon, Portugal 2001-2003 Sound Editor and Audio Engineer
• Engineer, mixer and midi programmer on projects for independent artists.
• Sound Editor, short movies, experimental videos and multimedia installations.

The Los Angeles Recording School, Hollywood CA USA
• Certificate, Recording Engineering.

School of Image and Communication, Lisbon Portugal
• Diploma, Audio Engineer. Skills
2010-2011 1998-2001
Audio & MIDI Software: Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Kontakt, Reaktor, MetaSynth, Renoise.
• Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator – Post and Music
Surface Control / Mixing Consoles: Avid ICon D-Control, SSL 4000G, SSL 9000K, Neve VR 36 and 60.
Post-Production Audio: Dialog Editorial, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects Editorial, Sound Design, Mixing.
Languages: Portuguese (Native Language), English.

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Year School Course
2011 Los Angeles Recording School Audio Engineering

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