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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Dialog and SFX editing | 3D Binaural | Broadcast and theatrical mixing

Highlighted references

• Game of Thrones: Season 1 teaser trailers
• Apollo 11: 40th anniversary installation at JFK Presidential Library
• Amanda Knox: Documentary – MPSE Golden Reel Nominee

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Sound designer | K.D. Sound | USA | New York

I have worked in professional audio since 1995. In 2008, I switched my focus from music to post sound for film and video. Since then I have mostly freelanced in New York City under my own company K.D. Sound. I have also spent time collaborating at various studios and design houses, to name a few – InDemand Networks, Eyeball/ExpansionTeam, Tru TV, Ogilvy and 4 years at Droga5.

I am a super user and expert with Avid Pro-tools, Izotope RX, Cedar systems, Avid S3, S6 and Eucon control hardware. I maintain an extensive sound library and can use Sound Miner or Basehead. I’m an expert dialog and sfx editor and am well versed in a sound team workflow. I can mix in all formats for all destinations including 3D binaural and Dolby ATMOS. I have delivered countless projects for broadcast and theatrical/streaming releases.


Year Project name Client Role
2022 Kade Devin Hermanson Sound Designer / mixer
2021 Eli, A Dog in Prison Jason B. Kohl / Nora Mandray Sound Designer / Mixer
2021 On Our Own Island Sky Dylan Robbins Sound Designer / Mixer
2020 The River Rick Walters / Panther Paws Productions Sound Designer / Mixer
2022 Aruku / I walk Shiho Kataoka Sound Designer / Mixer
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