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Game Audio Integration, Sound Design, Production, Mixing, Film music

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About Jon Stombaugh

Composer | Stone Tape Studios | USA | Indiana

*Memorable music for your game that enriches the experience and
draws the player in.
*High-quality, realistic and stylized SFX
*Seamlessly implemented in any game engine with any middleware
*20+ years experience as a producer, performing artist, mix
engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter
*BA in Ethnomusicology
*Trained in classical and jazz theory
*Experienced with a variety of audio software and game engines
(Wwise, FMOD, Reaper, Studio One, Unity, Unreal, GIT, etc.)
Music sets the mood for a game and instantly communicates to the player the emotion of a situation. I compose in a variety of styles and genres, focusing on memorable melodies and immersive soundscapes that draw the player in. Whether it be a sparse, unsettling survival horror soundtrack or a light-hearted tune for a 2D adventure game, my mission is to craft captivating music that elevates your game experience.
Good sound design goes a long way toward creating the aesthetic of your game. Done effectively, it serves to enhance and inform the player’s experience. I use a range of methods (including foley, sample libraries, and in the box synthesis) to build both realistic and stylized SFX that compliment the intention of the game’s creative vision.
Effective implementation of the audio is a crucial part of the developement process. My tool of choice for this task is Audiokinetic’s Wwise, but I am also comfortable with other audio middleware such as FMOD, as well as native implimentation tools in all the popular game engines (Unreal, Unity, Godot, etc.). In addition to utilizing these toolsets I am also capable of editing and writing scripts within the engine to acheive my goals.

I’m committed to delivering exceptional music and SFX that always meet deadlines and exceed developer expectations.


Year School Course
2013 Indiana University Ethnomusicology

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