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• Burn, Self-Released game
• Limbo Pilot Ep 1, Radio Play Episode Available on Youtube

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About Jonah L

Sound designer | iGame.Audio | South Africa

Ayo, my name is Saili | Jonah | Ulysses depending on what capacity you meet me. Jonah is probably the most common 🦎

I’m a Sound Designer by trade but I’d say I’m an experience-driven storyteller at heart. I started down this path at university where I pursued a degree in game design/music composition. Later down the line I eventually settled on sound design as a field as it gave me a little bit of everything I was interested in as a game developer. That is crafting sensory-driven experiences and stories.

I’m someone who values all aspects of a game experience speaking to each other. Disciplines taking turns to lead and follow, forging interaction between each other and creating a wholistically measured and informed experience for players are how I believe we make great games. In terms of aesthetics, I enjoy anything sci-fi, surreal anime, or super stylistic. I also tend to consider my interest in terms of tone so I’d say experiences that are otherworldly, mystical or focused on empathetic interpersonal experiences are some things that greatly interest me.


Year School Course
2020 University of Witswatersrand Bachelor of Performing and Visual Arts: Game Design and Music Composition
2021 Univesity of Witswatersrand Master of Arts | Digital Arts

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