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Audio Post-Production, Music recording & mixing

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About Jonas Persson

Sound designer | SanojSounds | New Zealand

Originally from Sweden but now living in Wellington, New Zealand. Having experience from sample based beat making using an MPC 1000 to sound engineering for music which includes recording, mixing, and mastering to audio post-production including sound design, dialogue edit, and mixing to field recording for SFX libraries I have dipped my toes in a lot of different fields within audio work.

I have a big love for how sound affects emotions and guides the listener to having their best experience of any given media whether that is music, documentary, games, or film. Currently, I’m working on recording and curating new sound effects libraries with the aim of contributing with high-quality sounds to the community.


Year Project name Client Role
2019-2020 Excavation Point Thestias Fil Kopelman Location Sound, Dialogue editor, Sound designer, Mixer
2020 Under The Owl’s Eye Nicolas D. Gianfelici Dialogue editor, Sound design, Mixer


Year School Course
2018 Massey University Bachelor of Commercial Music, Majoring in Music Technology

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