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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Voice Editing, Game Audio Integration

Highlighted references

• The City Building Series, from Sierra 1996-2006
• Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis, from Outact Entertainment
• Marvel Puzzle Quest, from SEGA

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About Keith Zizza

Composer | Keith Zizza Audio Design | USA | Massachusetts

Composer, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Voice Editor, and Game Audio Integrator. Experience on more than 60 titles since 1995, with clients / IP such as Marvel, EA, SEGA, Ubisoft, Tilted Mill, Activision, Osmo, Game Show Network, Mattel, Discovery, Sierra, and many more happy clients! Great rates and quality work done right. A partial credit list follows below:


Year Project name Client Role
2014 Marvel Puzzle Quest SEGA/Demiurge Audio Lead
2017 Wartide Outact/Kongregate Audio Director
1999 Pharaoh Sierra (Activision) Composer
2007 SimCity Societies EA/Tilted Mill Composer, Audio Lead
2006 Caesar IV Sierra/Tilted Mill Audio Director
2004 Children of the Nile SEGA/Tilted Mill Audio Director
2016 Tetris Burst Game Show Network Composer, Sound Designer
2019 Brave Order Outact Audio Director
2017 Osmo Hot Wheels: Mindracers Osmo / Mattel Composer, Sound Designer
1997 Lords of the Realm II Sierra (Activision) Audio Lead
2000 Zeus: Master of Olympus Sierra (Activision) Audio Director
1996 Caesar II Sierra (Activision) Composer
2015 A Tale in the Desert Desert Nomad Studios Composer
2014 Swipe Hype Game Show Network Composer
2010 Shoot Many Robots Demiurge / Ubisoft Audio Lead

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