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Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Editing,Game Audio Integration

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About Kevin Greenlee

Composer | Kevin Greenlee | Canada

Specializing in Video Game Composition, Music/Audio Production and Sound Design.
Primary focus is to create outstanding, unique, and forever memorable music for video games ­including film, ads, and various other media outlets.

I am currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta – Canada working at a video game company – CodeHatch. I am a United States Citizen and willing to relocate.


Year Project name Client Role
2014 Life Goes On (Done To Death – 2016) Infinite Monkeys Entertainment LTD. Composer and Sound Designer
2015 Reign of Kings CodeHatch Audio Engineer – Composer/Music Producer/Sound Design
2014 StarForge CodeHatch Audio Engineer – Composer/Music Producer/Sound Design
2010 Platform Racing 3 InXile Entertainment/Sparkworkz Composer/Music
2013 RPM: Gymkhana Racing Bulkypix Composer/Music
2016 GRIP Caged Element Composer/Music
2016 Nelo Magic and Mirrors Composer/Music and Additional Sound Design
2010 Silas Exalt Studios/CodeHatch Composer/Music
2014 Seasons of the Wolf Winter Wolves Composer/Music
2013 Bionic Heart 2 Winter Wolves Composer/Music
2014 Mugogy Jump! One Simple Idea Composer/Music and Additional Sound Design
2014 Collateral Dancing Dinosaur Games Composer/Music


Year Award Awarded for
2010 Hoplay Festival 2010 Best Music/Sound Design

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