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Game audio

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3D audio, virtual reality, electronic dance music production

Highlighted references

• Returnal
• WipEout Omega Collection
• Blood & Truth

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Audio director | Sony PlayStation Europe | UK

Currently Supervising Sound Designer at Sony PlayStation Europe (London), I have 12 years of experience in games, including over 10 years designing AAA audio for Microsoft and Sony.

My expertise includes a wide range of game genres, platforms and cutting edge technologies, from consoles to virtual reality, from surround to object-based audio.

My role is to ensure our games sound the most fantastic, immersive and satisfying for the players, and to guarantee success of the titles with bespoke, researched-based audio visions which can scale to studios’ budgets and timelines.

I am working within the Audio department of PlayStation Studios Creative Arts.

Since the PS4/PSVR generation, a major part of our work has been to pioneer, explore and push the boundaries of 3D Audio and VR development.

With Sony promoting 3D Audio as one of the core features for the PS5 generation, I am excited to be part of this advancement in the games industry.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 PlayStation VR Worlds Sony World Wide Studios Senior Sound Designer
2015 Hardware: Rivals Sony World Wide Studios Senior Sound Designer
2015 HoloLens Fragments Microsoft Sound Designer
2015 HoloLens Young Conker Microsoft Sound Designer
2015 Monopoly Plus Ubisoft Sound Designer
2014 Quicky’s World Nesquik – Nestle Sound Designer
2012 Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Microsoft – Disney – Pixar Sound Designer
2017 WipEout Omega Collection Sony XDev, Clever Beans, EPOS Supervising Sound Designer
2019 Blood & Truth Sony London Studio Supervising Sound Designer
2021 Returnal Sony XDev, Housemarque Supervising Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
1999 Youngest French plane pilot Flying a plane in solo at the age of 15


Year School Course
2009 Ecole Superieure d’AudioVisuel Masters Degree in Audio Engineering
2008 Ecole Superieure d’AudioVisuel Masters Degree in CG & Multimedia
2004 Toulouse III Technical Bachelor in Communication Networks
1999 GDAC Private Pilot Certificate

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