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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Compositig, Sound Designer, Foley, Audio integration, voice actor.

Highlighted references

• Ancient Cities
• Nims Planet
• Cooking Wars or called too Cooking Party

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Audio director | Luis Jardi | Spain

I have vast experience as sound designer and musician, in this moment I work as Sound Designer & musician at SFXCentral ( more than 10.000 sound effects created by me for sound libraries). I worked 10 years as sound designer , musician (Sound effects & Music)and project manager for the company Global Zitro.

I created sound effects and music for more than 100 games.

I worked as selfemployed person for:

King, Ubisoft, Virtual toys, Mobetia, 4Points, Pimienta, Auto Loot Games, Winsystems, Aristocrat, Zitro, Madlord and many other independent companies of videogames as selfemployed person.


My work consists in analysing videogames and applying music and sound effects and determining what kind of music or sound effect is needed. I take care of voice castings in different languages: Spanish and variations (for the South American market), English and Portuguese.

I have Experience in video game localization for the Mexican, Brazilian, Italian & Spanish markets.

My other tasks are organising the work of programmers, video editors and musicians, indicating them how to apply sound effects and music in the games or videos, what kind of sensations I need for the final product (horror, tension, velocity, suspense, etc.).

Works with the Designers to creatively design the environmental foley, audio cues, voice overs and music that will enhance the game, video or movie experience.

I have been involved in the world of sound since 1999. I am highly interested in the world of , games, movies, music and sound effects.

I have written tutorials and articles for a Spanish magazine entitled “3D & Animation” and “SfxCentral”.

I was giving sound classes (Film Sound Theory, Digital Audio Recording, Microphone Sound Recording Techniques (how to record voices & instruments), Techniques of Mixing) in the high school “ITES” in Barcelona.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Nims Planet 4Points Music Composer & Sound Designer
2017 Ancient Cities Uncasualgames Music Composer & Sound Design
2009 Cooking Party Ubisoft Music Composer & Sound Designer
2018 Titan Brawl Omnidrone Music Composer
2018 The Winter Hunger Garcifilms Music Composer & Sound Designer
2014 The Delerict Uncasualgames Music Composer
2016 Casa Bures Forma i Diseny Music Composer
2010 Hello Flowerz Virtual Toys Music Composer & Sound Design
2010 La Calaca Zitrogames Music Composer & Sound Design
2015 Beetle Bingo Zitrogames Music Composer & Sound Design
2021 The Patriot Sound-Graph Music Composer
2010 Jerry Cash Zitro Games Music Composer & Sound Designer
2020 The Winter Hunger ( Trailer) Garcifilms Sound Design & Music
2020 The Winter Hunger Garcifilms Sound Design & Music
2020 Lord of Clans Sound-Graph Music Composer
2019 Speed Flash Sound-Graph Music Composer
2019 Flat Planet Sound-Graph Music Composer
2021 Ancient World UncasualGames Music Composer
2021 Zoomboosters Ferran Pons Music Composer
2020 NigthHawks Adam Audio Music Composer
2012 Fast & Furious Zitro Games Sound Design
2014 The Delerict Uncasual Games Music Composer
2019 Auschwitz Sound-Graph Music Composer
2019 Mafia Hunter Social Games Online Music Composer
2019 Speed Flash Sound-Graph Music Composer
2021 Ancient Legends Sound-Graph Music composer
2010 Iberic Culture Museum Torre Balldovina Music composer
2014 80´s POP Zitro Music Composer
2011 Pirates Treasure Zitro Music Composer
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Year Award Awarded for
2016 European Property Award

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