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Game audio

Other skills

Basic skills in sound design and an interest in field recording

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Composer | Brazil

I’ve been a musician since I was a teenager, but never thought I could make a living out of it. It was always a hobby until I started to work in game companies as a journalist and discovered this whole new world of game making. In 2016 I decided to start learning music composition and production and I had the opportunity to work in four different projects: one app and three games. In these projects I did music composition and also some parts of the sound design. These are the areas that I want to focus more, but I also have interest in field recording, but no experience yet.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Trumpocalypse IV Gorlami! Games Music composer and sound designer
2016 Qual o som? Gorlami! Games Music composer
2016 Recife pra Frente Geraldo Júlio Music composer and sound designer
2016 Basquete Sport Puga Creative Studios Music composer

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