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A Sound Effect



Other skills

adaptive music systems and middleware (FMOD, WWISE), sound design

Highlighted references

• Forever Forest, Mad About Pandas
• Legends of Aria, Citadel Studios
• Hitchhiker, Mad About Pandas

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About Lukas Meinardus

Composer | Syndrone GbR | Germany

For me composing a soundtrack means diving into a new and exciting world. I will try to fill this world with life and emotions so that the listener can connect to it and fully immerse himself. To achieve this goal I spent hours on finding the right tone, picking the right instruments or sounds and creating a unique style of music to support the individual character of your film, game or product. Lets hit it together!


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Francescos Fly Frenzy (game) Newtronium Games composer, sound designer
2017 Laika – on the trail of the golden bone (game) Mad About Pandas sound designer
2017 Hitchhiker (game) Mad About Pandas sound designer
2017 Runic Rampage (game) Electrocosmos composer, sound designer
2018 Amtliche Helden (game) Mad About Pandas composer, sound designer
2018 Forever Forest (game) Mad About Pandas composer, sound designer
2018 Legends of Aria (game) Citadel Studios composer
2018 Nowhere Prophet (game) Shark Bomb Studios sound designer
2018 Tiny Tanks (game) LeadFollow Games composer, sound designer
2017 Panda III (film) Max Villwock Composer
2017 Mutter Dunkelheit (film) Max Villwock Composer
2016 Mercedes Benz (commercial) LeBerg Composer, sound designer
2016 WeHoli (commercial) Nordpol Composer
2018 TapTap Games (teaser) Huuuge Games Composer, sound designer
2016 Tibia (trailer) CipSoft Composer, sound designer

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