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Game audio

Other skills

Game audio integration, composing, FMOD,Wwise, Unity, Unreal

Highlighted references

• Amazon Glow
• Visual Purple

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Sound designer | Amazon | USA | Washington

I love designing sounds for video games, and I enjoy composing music in my spare time. Growing up, my siblings and I played a wide variety of games including super smash brothers, killer instinct, star fox and goldeneye(my second oldest brother taught me all the best cheat codes for that one). The more games we’d play, the more exposure I got to some of the most iconic sounds to date (Sonic’s ring collection, Mario’s jump, Master Chief’s shield recharge, etc..).

To this day, I love everything about video games… I love the intricate narratives, addicting game mechanics, captivating sounds that satisfy to no end and compelling music scores. I am pleased to say that my affinity for video games is just as strong now, as it was when I was a kid. Being able to contribute to an industry that has been so pivotal in shaping my musical and sonic sensibilities is a dream come true! I spend most of my spare time learning new techniques, fiddling around in Unity, layering up sound snippets in Reaper and experimenting with sounds using a variety of processing techniques/plugins. If you have a game idea and would like to chat about anything audio related, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 VR simulation USA Army Sound Designer
2022 Amazon Glow Amazon Sound Designer and Composer


Year School Course
2012 Berklee College Of Music Film Scoring
2013 University Of Maryland Anthropology
2020 Audiokinetic WWise wwise 101

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