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• Lost Land of the Volcano (BBC)
• Frozen Planet (BBC)
• Kate Humble: Living With Nomads (Indus Films / BBC)

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About Mark Roberts

Field recordist | | China

Some call it the Dark Arts; that corner of broadcasting few understand, but without which TV wouldn’t be half as entertaining. Mark trained in the UK in 1988 and then moved to Hong Kong in 1993, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after and versatile engineers in the region. Since then he’s done it all – documentaries, ENG, OBs, LE, drama, corporate and commercial. He’s happiest when filming science and natural history, and has gained a reputation of being able to fix almost anything in the field, with just a soldering iron and a handful of cable-ties.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Switch On Arcos Films Field recordist
2018 H2O: The Molecule That Made Us Passion Planet Field recordist
2017 The Serengeti Rules Passion Planet Field recordist
2018 Animals At Play Offspring Films Field recordist
2017 Natural World – Red Ape, Saving The Orangutan Offspring Films Field recordist
2018 The 1900 Island Wildflame Productions Field recordist
2018 Fiennes: Return To The Nile Woodcut Media Field recordist
2017 World’s Busiest Cities – Hong Kong BBC Field recordist
2016 The Greatest Tomb On Earth: Secrets Of Ancient China Brook Lapping Field recordist
2016 Extreme Wives With Kate Humble BBC Field recordist

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