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Film audio

Other skills

Composition, Foley recording, Theatre Technician and Operator

Highlighted references

• Tales From Star City
• Nation Down
• Kai

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About Matt Part

Sound designer | Spain

As a audio enthusiast I am constantly creating soundscapes and music, experimenting with different ideas to develop and further my craft. I thrive on the process of collaborating with like minded individuals to create interesting and inspiring projects and I relish the opportunity to push myself in new directions. I try to work by the motto – ‘People understand what the see, but they feel what they hear.’

I am constantly collecting field recordings for my ever increasing personal sound library. I have a huge passion for foley sounds and the relationship between the object that is creating the sound and what that sound represents on screen. I find this interaction particularly intriguing in animation, where the possibilities of what a film-maker can create are endless, allowing for a huge amount of creative freedom.

As well as working for film and online media, I also work in theatre as a technician. Earlier this year I worked on a brand new one woman show, ‘Tales From Star City’ which is in the process of booking a second run in 2019. I created all original design and musical elements for the play and also recorded and edited several voiceover characters which played from a bespoke speaker system from different locations around the room. Set during the birth of the Soviet space programme, with the absence of physical character interaction, the sound was used to really push the narrative along and to support the actor during the performance.

Follow the link to the trailer for the show –
The password is – Tales246

Last but not least I’m a musician. I play the saxophone, guitar and piano and try to incorporate my primary instrument in as many projects as I can. Recently I’ve been experimenting with a combination of live and contact mics on my saxophone and processing them in different ways using loops in Ableton Live and Max. I really enjoy the unexpected and organic nature of working in this way and creating layers of sound.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or even if you just want to talk about sound!


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Jeremiah Jack Dean Technical Stage Manager
2018 Back to Where New Tricks Theatre Sound Designer
2018 Tales From Star City Idle Discourse Sound Designer
2017 Kai London Film School Composer
2017 Nation Down Barreto Films Sound Designer
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Year School Course
2012 Leeds College of Music Music Production BA (hons)

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