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Voice actor, Composing, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

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About Michel Marbaix

Composer | XMPT | Belgium

Has worked with numerous Grammy award artists both live and studio. Mainly composing and remixing in private studio. Worked as online facilitator for Rocketnetworks for online audio collaboration. Many years in the industry working with state of the art audio technologies. Please get in touch for extensive credits and portfolio
.Alexander Lindner
Visual Consultant at PLAYMOBIL® (geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG)
When I first met Mike and heard his music, in Brussels some years ago, I was immediatly impressed by his talent. Mike has a real understanding of a wide range of styles and he is a deeply passionate person when it comes to his art. Through his unique position in between the American and European culture he builds bridges between the two continents and cultures and mixes the styles to create something new and fresh. Mike is a great guy to be with, and a inspiring musician full of sparkling ideas.
Roderick Samuel
Owner, Groundfloor
Michel and I have collaborated on numerous musical projects.
I remain incredibly impressed with his ability to identify the underlying needs and in turn the nuances required to make a piece work and express them musically in a manner that adds “the right stuff”.

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