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Other skills

Mixing, Sound Designer, Performer, Sync to Video, Live-streaming

Highlighted references

• Sindathi Twilight Trilogy – Ongoing: Book trailers for novels, Upcoming: scoring for television
• Live-Streaming Concert Project, guitarist and vocalist for the band Jaynestown
• Score for public service video for Parliament (London) presentation

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About Michelle Moore

Composer | USA | Texas

I’m an instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer. I’ve been producing my own digital music since the mid 90s. I’ve been writing my own music since I was in grade school. I do some sound design. Production music is my strong point, however. I draw from a mixture of sample libraries, virtual instruments, and live music/sounds that I play myself. I find inspiration in a lot of modern American music, but I am also well-versed in a diverse selection of music styles from around the world and across eras. I often look for ways to blend multiple genres, musical eras, or ethnic stylings within a single composition. I like to try to create music that either tells a story or supports the telling of a story.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Title Sequence – Sindathi Twilight Trilogy A.M. Sterling Composer, Producer, Video Designer
2003 Last Rite Writer, Composer, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Producer, Mixer, Background Vocalist
2002 Intemperate Tango Miramax Studios Composer, Arranger, Producer


Year Award Awarded for
1979 1st Chair Texas All-State Jazz Band – Bass
2003 #1 Single (4 weeks) Sony’s Acidplanet Music Community
#1 All-time Industrial/Goth Single Sony’s Acidplanet Music Community

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