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Film audio

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Music mixing, Game audio, Post Production

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• Film Sound
• Music Production
• Game Audio

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Sound designer | RUIDO | Ecuador

Nicolás is Ecuadorian, graduated in 2010 as Sound and Acoustics Engineer at UDLA and graduated in 2016 from the University of Edinburgh, UK as MSc. in Acoustics, Music Technology and Sound Design.

In 2015 was selected as one of the 60 guests to participate in the “Talents Buenos Aires 2015” sound workshops for cinema organized by the Universidad del Cine (FUC) and La Berlinale.

In 2017 began his career as a teacher working at the University of the Arts (Guayaquil) for the School of Sound Arts for 2 years and then relocated in Quito as a teacher at the University Institute of Visual Arts of Quito (IAVQ) in the career of Film, Video and TV Production, where he now supervises the Podcast project in the Sound Expression course and the sound design of documentary and fiction short films. He also works as a teacher at the Audiovisual Design department of INCINE’s film school.

In 2019, he co-founded the company RUIDO EC, dedicated to the production of audio and music for Cinema, Video Games, Virtual Reality, offering comprehensive sound production services and working on several Ecuadorian feature films.

In 2021, he was selected among 2,250 applicants worldwide, to be part of the 200 participants of the Berlinale Talents 2022, which took place during the Berlin International Film Festival in February, 2022.

Additionally, he is a musician and music producer in 2 bands, Liners (rocksteady) and Páramos Inversos (Alt-rock). He loves the interaction between sound technology and art.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Alba Caleidoscopio Cine Production sound mixer
2014 Un secreto en la Caja Ostinato Cine Production sound mixer
2014 Tinta sangre Mateo Herrera Sound designer, 5.1 surround mixing
2019 Vacío Xanadu Films Production sound mixer
2015 Territorio Alexandra Cuesta Production sound mixer
2018 Ecuatorian Shetta Pulpobal Producciones Production sound mixer
2022 Quien mató a mi padre? (in progress) Luciérnaga Producciones Production sound mixer, Sound designer
2020 San Telmo Tapes 300 Films/Indigo Art Media Sound designer
2019 El día que me callé Cabezahueca Producciones Production sound mixer
2022 La piel pulpo Caleidoscopio Cine Production sound mixer
2022 Ozogoche (in progress) Silencio Films Production sound mixer, Sound designer
2014 Quebrada Felipe Cordero Production sound mixer
2014 Comuna Engabao Libertad Gills Sound designer
2012 Acariciando a mi niño Santiago Terán Production sound mixer
2011 Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas Javier Andrade Boom Operator
2013 Los Guardianes de la Marimba, el Cununo y el Guasá (short) Buho Films Production sound mixer, Sound designer
2019 Grabador Fantasma (short) Adrián Balseca Sound designer
2015 El Cóndor pasa (short) Adrián Balseca Production sound mixer, Sound designer
2013 Saudade Juan Carlos Donoso Boom operator
2021 Mark my silence (El Intérprete) Joe Houlberg Sound designer, audio post, 5.1 surround mixing
2022 Los desechables (in progress) Alfredo León Production sound mixer and sound design
2021 Kissing Gaia – San Pedro (short) Jerry Toth Sound designer, audio post, 5.1 surround mixing
2021 SONIAL (short) Andrés Cornejo/Rudolfo Quintas Sound designer, audio post, 5.1 surround mixing
2021 Al Oriente José María Avilés Production sound mixer & Sound designer
2021 Barajas Javier Izquierdo 5.1 Mixing
2022 Tsitsanu (in progress) Miguel Imbaquingo Sound Designer, Mixer
2022 Sopor y Ave (in progress) Ana Cristina Barragán Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer
2022 Club 55 Dorian Rivière Sound Designer, Mixer
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 Talents-Buenos Aires Selected from hundreds of participants from latin-america to participate in the Talents Buenos Aires Sound Design workshops, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2022 Berlinale Talents – Berlin Part of the 200 selected among 2.250 applicants worldwide to participate in the Berlinale Talents Sound Design Workshops, in Berlin, Germany.


Year School Course
2011 Universidad de las Americas (UDLA) Sound and Acoustics Engineering
2016 University of Edinburgh MSc. Acoustics and Music Technology

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