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About Nikolay Krivin

Composer | Russia

I create music and make a sound design for video games and media. There are numerous of my favorite styles in which I prefer to compose music: from specific such as progressive electronic, psychedelic electronic, glitch, industrial, electro-industrial, dark electro, noise, drone, ambient, thrash metal, ambient and industrial rock, rocktronica, dubtronica, breakbeat to the well-known dramatic orchestral and symphonic music. But much more I love to combine or hybridize different styles and moods, twisting the sounds together and experimenting with different sound tools, mixing approaches and recent sound design techniques. In my opinion the sound design “as is” and the music is inseparable. I prefer dark and aggressive musical moods and create my sound under the influence of such people like James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Mark Snow, Michl Britsch, Elliot Goldental, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Klaus Badelt, Charlie Clouser, Steve Jablonsky, Mark Kilian, Trevor Rabin, Trevor Morris, Marc Streitenfeld, Inon Zur, Jesper Kyd, Kevin Riepl, Mark Morgan, Sascha Dikiciyan (Sonic Mayhem), Eric Brosius, Rod Abernethy, Thomas Bergersen, Trent Reznor, Mick Gordon and other. I hope my music which is created with great passion will inspire other people to their own creative process.

If you like my musical style and want to collaborate with me on your recent projects, please, feel free to contact me. You can always get in touch with me on Twitter (@Nic3Dfx) or on the Soundcloud (

I created the original soundtracks for the Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels “” (see on the official website,, “Metro 2035” ( and, “Text” (


Year Project name Client Role
2013 FUTU.RE Dmitry Glukhovsky Composer
2015 Metro 2035 Dmitry Glukhovsky Composer
2014-2016 Insomnia RPG MONO Studio Composer
2017 TEXT Dmitry Glukhovsky Composer


Year School Course
2008 Tomsk state universitiy of control systems and radioelectronics SPECIALITY: Maintenance of Transport Radio Equipment / CHAIR: Design and manufacture of radio equipment
2015 TUSUR PhD in technical sciences

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