Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Dialogue editing, Surround Mixing.

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About Patricio Pedret

Sound designer | Caaliope Dubbing And Distribution | Mexico

Im an Audio Engineer with an additional degree in Audio for visual media. I specialize in Dialogue recording/editing and surround mixing, but also am fast and good in all other fields. Ive done films, shorts and tv shows in Canada, US and Mexico. Personal interest in horror projects but also fluent in all other genres.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Small Displays of Chaos Sound Designer, Mixer
2016 PAPA Sound Designer, Mixer, Dial Editor
2015 Ash Vs Evil Dead Overdubbing Engineer
2014 El Retrato Hablado Dial Editor
2015 Bong Hits And Broom Sticks Foley, Sound Design, Production Sound, Music Editor
2016 La Tumba Foley Artist
2016 Treintona, Soltera y Fantastica Ambience Editor


Year School Course
2014 SAE Mexico Audio Engineering
2015 Vancouver Film School Sound for Visual Media

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