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About Paul Kearns

Composer | Thin Ice Music | UK

I started playing the piano at the age of 6 way back in the bronze age. In 1968, my dad bought an organ and I discovered a whole new world of sound. I started playing on my first group in the early 1980s, and sat in as a session musician with all manner of people. I started recording in 1984, when I bought my first 4 track and I built myself a recording studio in the early “noughties” – based around Cubase. During this time, my “day job” was computer maintenance and network installation and design – having started in the computer industry about the same time as Bill Gates.
In 2008, I broke my back which put an end to playing live and my main job. After a few years of feeling very sorry for myself and discovering the wonderful world of being disabled, I decided to set up Thin Ice Music (the name of my last group) and get back into recording. I had a special “1 person” studio built, that I can operate my my “special” chair. Although I had spent years recording (with some success), I had to find out how to hone my love of composing music suitable for TV and film. I knew what I wanted to do and music theory – I just had to find out how to make what I “heard in my head” come out through the speakers. After the steepest learning curve of my life, I know I’m getting there – because I’ve had music accepted. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I just want to prove that an opinionated cripple approaching 70 can still have dreams and ambitions.

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