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Film audio

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Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Production Sound Mixer

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About Pedro Duarte Ribeiro Costa

Sound designer | Duarte Costa Post | Portugal

I’m really interested in the sound of our world, and how can I catch it, with the best way, to then, using it in a movie.
I’m able to take the sound department on a movie from the pre-production to the post-production and delivery.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 “O Caminho” Sound Designer, Production Sound Mixer
2018 “Guest Room” Sound Designer
2018 “Rorschach” Sound Designer, Production Sound Mixer
2018 “O Envelope” Sound Designer, Director
2018 “The Ambush” Sound Designer, Production Sound Mixer
2019 “O Reino Do Espírito” Production Sound Mixer


Year School Course
2015 Royal City Studios Musical Production 101
2017 Restart Post Sound For Film
2018 ESAP Cinema and Audiovisual
2020 Restart Musical Production

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