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About Perry Su

Composer | USA | California

Hello there! My name is Yu Hsiang 郁翔, or you can call me Perry.

Born and raised in Taiwan, learned to play piano when I was a kid, and thanks to my parents I was heavily influenced by New-Age musicians and film composers like Yanni, Enya, Kitarō and Hans Zimmer.

Picked up electronic bass in college, with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Tool being my mentors, me and my band started writing and performing our own music in live houses and festivals around Taiwan, which was also the time I learned about basic recording and mixing engineering skills, an exciting 8 years of my life.

I came to LA to study audio engineering to pursue professional knowledge and career. During the times in SAE Institute LA and UCLA extension program I learned so much from the professionals in the industry not only hands-on skills, but also the way to work with people. I had great times learning and observing the industry workflow up close during my internships in Larson Studios and Remote Control Productions, these amazing experiences were the most important lessons during school time.

Two years later, here I am, with the skills, experiences and mindset ready to progress further.


Year School Course
2016 UCLA Extension Independent Music Production
2014 SAE Institute Audio Technology Program

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