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Audio restoration, editing, mixing, mastering

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About Rafael Nicolau Gobbo

Sound designer | OLOKO Studios | Germany

I’m an experienced sound designer and mixing engineer, born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I came to Berlin, Germany to expand my horizons and deepen my network in this field. My passion for film audio, music, and the studio environment led me to open my own audio production studio in Berlin, named OLOKO Studios. I like to work in a relaxed yet professional way, always in a good mood to keep the creativity flowing and deliver high-quality results in an agile and efficient workflow.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Perfect Imperfections EP Lawrance DA III Mastering Engineer
2018 Quentura Instituto Catitu Composer, Mixing Engineer
2019 Vibe Album Wibe Mastering Engineer
2016 Ketchum Ketchum Estratégia Audio Restoration, Sound Designer


Year School Course
2013 Audio and Video Institute (IAV) Technical Diploma, Audio and Acoustics Fundamentals
2017 Anhembi Morumbi University Diploma, Music Production
2019 SAE Institute Deutschland Diploma, Audio Engineering
2020 SAE Institute Deutschland Bachelor, Audio Production

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