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Dialogue / ADR

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Audio Analysis, Film Audio, Field Record, Film Post, Ambisonic Audio

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About Ramon Rodriguez

Sound editor | Gracenote | USA | Washington

USN Navy Veteran. Without hesitation, I used my entire G.I. Bill on an Audio Engineering degree from SAE Expression in San Francisco Bay Area. Was hired upon graduation at Gracenote, a Nielsen Family Company as an Audio Analyst for their Dynamic EQ Research team. I have analyzed over five thousand songs that have been algorithmically enhanced by new technology. Consulted with developers around the world to help music sound better across the board. During my employment, I opened up a small live streaming venue named Parks and Recording down the street in Emeryville, California that specialized in 360 videos. Assisting artists bridge the gap with virtual reality and their lack of immersive music videos. I enjoyed helping artist push exciting content to an unfamiliar audience. Virtual reality has come a long way and so has their capabilities on many social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Allowing ambisonic audio to be able to playback. Ambisonic audio added a much-needed dimension to music videos. Letting the volume raise in any direction you view with your VR headset.


Year School Course
2016 SAE Expression College Sound Arts

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