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Sound designer | Rracos Audio Services | UK

We offer professional custom audio production services for any budget. From pro-bono indie project work through to long term contracts with studios, we can find something that suits your needs.

Mixing & Mastering: Let’s turn that great idea into a banger. Taking a series of ideas, or even a completed song through to a polished, radio ready track can be difficult. We have the capabilities to turn your song up to 11.

Audio For Video: YouTube intros or movie foley, TV commercial stings or Twitch emote sounds. Audio adds a layer of richness to the video that it accompanies. Our work can help engage your audience and elevate your product.

Custom Beats & Sound Design: Sample packs and DAW plugins are a good start, but if you’re looking to stay fresh and give your production a unique sound, commission us to produce a custom beats and wholly original sounds.

Video Game OST: Be it a request for a full soundtrack or elements of the sound design, from gun shots to horror atmospherics, we can work flexibly to your production deadlines to provide high quality, immersive and genre appropriate audio.

Vocal & Narration Production: Engage your listeners with our professional vocals editing service suitable for podcasts, audiobooks, voice overs and other spoken word formats, for a rich, clear and personal sounding finish.

Production Consultancy: If you’re working on a project that could use some professional guidance or an outsiders perspective, or you’re looking to onboard a contractor, we have the capacity to work alongside your existing workflows & deliver value.

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