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Game audio

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game audio integration, field recording, studio recording, composing

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About Ryan Banister

Sound designer | USA | Washington

Hi! I’m some fresh blood looking to continue in the game audio industry, I’m extremely passionate about game development and I just can’t wait to pick up my next project! I spend my spare time building sound libraries and creating serum presets, as well as of course, listening to games;)

I live in the greater Seattle area and can be found hiking around for ambience and sitting near bogs trying to capture frog ribbits. I Love to work in Wwise and FMOD Studio for the sheer power they offer, and finally, you should play Metamorphos, free on Steam!


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Forza Street Turn 10 Studios Audio Summer Associate
2021 Metamorphos Spicy Dice Studios Audio Lead, Sound Designer


Year School Course
2021 DigiPen Institute of Technology Bachelor of Arts in Music and Sound Design

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