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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Technical Sound Design, Field Recording, Sound Art

Highlighted references

• MelloToneGen (OS X Application)
• Cut: Baked (Video Series)
• Sniper Tactical (Mobile, PC Game)

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About Ryan Baldwin

Sound designer | Independent / Impossible Acoustic | USA | Washington

// Technical Sound Designer and Audio Engineer with strong computing experience and a passion for interactive media.

Specialties & Interests: Sound Design, Game Audio, Sound Art, Interactive Computing, Field Recording

– 10+ years experimenting with audio & MIDI for work, school, and fun
– 3+ years creating sound for games and multimedia
– 6+ years working with game engines (Unity3D & Real Virtuality)
– Sound Design & Audio Technology B.A. from The Evergreen State College
– 8+ years of professional experience resolving computing and technology issues

– Proficiency with various digital audio software packages (Logic Pro, Max/MSP, Waves, Pro Tools, Wwise, FMOD Studio, BaseHead, DSP-Quattro, Soundtoys)
– Range of audio production experience (Linear/Procedural Sound Design, Field Recording, Foley/VO/Music Recording, Editing, & Mixing)
– Highly competent with OS X & Windows (Apple Certified Associate)
– Solid technical problem solving skills

Selected Projects:
– Developer/Field Recordist/Sound Designer – MelloToneGen (OS X ambient sound application)
– Sound Designer – Tactera (VR RTS game)
– Sound Designer/Foley Recording Engineer/Editor – Baked (stylized cooking video series)
– Contributing Sound Designer – Patterning : Drum Machine (music production app for iPad)
– Sound Designer – Sniper Tactical (mobile & PC shooter/puzzle game)
– Scenario/Mission Designer – ACE 2 (award-winning modification for the PC game, Arma 2)

Positions Held & Background:
– Technical Sound Designer & Field Recordist – Independent – WA (2013-Present)
– Technical Sound Designer & Audio Engineer (Contract) – Impossible Acoustic – Seattle, WA (2015-Present)
– Audio Production & Sound Design Intern – Impossible Acoustic – Seattle, WA (2015-2015)
– Sound Designer – fragOut Studio – Remote (2013-2015)
– IT Support Technician II – The Evergreen State College – Olympia, WA (2013-2015)
– Service Desk Technician / Sales – The Mac Store (Apple Specialist) – Redmond & Olympia, WA (2008-2013)


Year Project name Client Role
2016 MelloToneGen Independent Developer/Field Recordist/Sound Designer
2016 Tactera (VR) E McNeill / Impossible Acoustic Sound Designer
2015 Baked Cut / Impossible Acoustic Sound Designer/Foley Recording Engineer/Editor
2015 Patterning : Drum Machine Olympia Noise Co. Contributing Sound Designer
2014 Sniper Tactical fragOut Studio Sound Designer


Year School Course
2015 The Evergreen State College Sound Design & Audio Technology B.A.
2016 Audiokinetic / CRAS Wwise End User Certificate

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