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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game Audio Implementation, Audio Editorial, Mixing, Music Production

Highlighted references

• Section 8: Prejudice
• Aliens: Colonial Marines (e3 demo)
• Death Tower

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Sound designer | USA | Texas

I’m Ryan Vincent Jaeger, an American sound designer specializing in game audio.

I am currently seeking a part-time or full-time, remote, sound design and/or game audio implementation role.
Do not hesitate to get in touch if you’re currently in need of sound design, mixing, or have any other audio outsourcing needs!

▪ Specialties: Sound Design, Audio Editorial, Game Audio Implementation, Music and Game Audio Mixing, Field Recording, Foley
▪ Software: Windows, Ableton Live, Sound Forge, Unreal Engine, Wwise, Perforce, Notepad++, etc.


Year Project name Client Role
2013 Aliens: Colonial Marines (e3 demo) TimeGate Studios Additional Sound Design
2011 Section 8: Prejudice TimeGate Studios Additional Sound Design
2013 Death Tower Martian Arctic Sound Design
2012 Rogue Miner Martian Arctic Sound Design
2011 Gem Goblin Martian Arctic Sound Design
2009 Cyber-Wing Martian Arctic Sound Design
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