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Specializes in:

SFX libraries

Other skills

Sound Editing/-Design, Field Recording, SFX, Audio Restoration, Mixing

Highlighted references

• SoundBits | Sound Effects
• Trash Detective (2016, Supervising Sound Editor/Mix, Feature Movie)
• Bela Kiss: Prologue (2010, Supervising Sound Editor, Feature Movie)

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FAQ, About


Sound designer | SoundBits | Germany


What is SoundBits and who else is in the team?
Well, that’s me Saro Sahihi, that guy in the mirror and a worldwide network of wonderful, professional partners, distributors and friends.

I’m not 100% sure about the actual date of birth of SoundBits. It must have been somewhen around the year 2011, though working in the audio-field started out several years before.

There never was a longterm plan or targeted destination – only a feeling, too strong to resist. So, I had to follow and submissively obey to the feelings’ – sometimes weird – orders.
You don’t want that feeling to get mad, so I kept it satisfied. Even if it meant to jump in at the deep end most of the time.
In hindsight that feeling was a magnificent guide, a golden thread throughout my career…. Meanwhile we’re good friends.

Anyway, SoundBits and I, we stand on 3 main pillars.

#1 is all about recording, editing and designing high quality Sound Effects Libraries for whatever opportunity or idea pops up.
These libraries are then sold in the SoundBits | Shop and spread all over the world through my strong partners and distributors,
such as Pro Sound Effects, A Sound Effect, Sonniss, Unreal Marketplace and many more.

#2 – almost equal – comes my work as a Sound Designer, -Editor and Mixing Engineer, covering most of the Audio-Postproduction areas.
Also Music Production is a steadily growing part.

C# emerged from the fact, that I love what I do, which needs you to steadily keep it rolling, what means you have to continuously learn new stuff and educate and train oneself, which then again leads to the urge to share all that new experience and knowledge.
So, teaching other aspiring and inquisitive apprentices to latently grow an army of Minio…

Well, that’s pretty much it. Thank you for your time!

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Year Award Awarded for
2012 1st at the Celemony Melodyne “Sick Sounds Soundesign Contest”itch by Red Bull Sound Design
2012 1st at “Pro Sound Effects” – Rare Animals Olympic Competition Sound Design
2011 1st at “Dynamic Interference” Sounddesign Challenge 13 Sound Design
2012 2nd at Samplephonics Soundesign Competition 02 Sound Design


Year School Course
2006 SAE Institute Audio Engineering

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