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About Steven Abad

Sound designer | USA | New York

A little bit about myself : I’m 28 years old and I reside in New York City. Video games and the soundtracks behind them is what really got me into music, and later sound design. The way the music in games helps to create the atmosphere of the level, or intensify the situation, is what really shapes the experience. I try to take that perfect coexistence and apply it to any project; making sure whatever I do is complimenting it to the point of creating a seamless, and sonically wonderful amalgamation of sound.

My work in sound is extremely varied. I started as a junior audio engineer in studios around the city, eventually working my way into my passion for sound design.This includes all sound design; from sculpting and tuning a vocalists range and dynamics into a production, to grinding wavetables into sub-bass explosions and machine like growls, or using granular synthesis to warp samples into luscious evolving soundscapes. Whether through collaboration or solo, I put forth the maximum effort to ensure a high quality product.

I have all the practical editing skills such as editing, de-essing, compression, and pretty much anything else dealing with dynamics. I am extremely well versed in Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, and have knowledge of Adobe Premiere, and FMOD.


Year School Course
2020 School of Audio Engineering Audio Technology

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