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Game audio

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Music Recording, Audio implementation, Film audio

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About Thea Randlev Hundebøl

Sound designer | Denmark

I’m a game audio designer with a degree in audio design. I have 8 years of of experience with audio: first as a sound technincian in a music recording studio, then postproduction on short films, and lastly I’ve worked with game audio. I’ve shipped several minor games with a professionel team.

I work in ProTools, and have experience with Unity, Wwise and C# coding. I also have some experience with Max/Msp, Reaper and FMOD.

For more info about me and my work, check out my portfolio at


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Google IO Adventure Google Sound Designer
2019 Google CDS Adventure Google Sound Designer
2019 Dance or Die Ramasjang Sound Designer


Year School Course
2017 Aarhus University Audio Design
2014 Aarhus University Musicology

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