Other skills

Sounddesign, Arrangement, Mixing

Highlighted references

• Zenon records
• Technophobia records

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About Tom Shimon Fink

Sound designer | Switzerland

Born in to a family of musicians I was surrounded by sweet sounds at a very young age!
Harmony has been very important to me since.. After struggling with fruity loops for one year I discovered Ableton Live wich became my DAW of choice in an instant. 8 years later I felt confident enough to actually give it a real try and entered a remix contest where I won a release on a professional label along with other great artists. My passion is to discover new thing and I am very interested in all forms of sound design. Aside music I started playing video games at a very young age including legends like: The legend of Zelda, Halo, Call of duty and many more. As I grew older I decided to stop the games and enter the world of music production. Traveling is of great importance to me so now I’m daring the next step towards becoming an Audio-nomad.

What I can offer: – 10 years of Sound design and music production experience
– Efficient and clean work
– Creative inputs
– 24/7 reachable and always ready to create
– Manifest the Audio into your new product as you request
– Professional gear for great quality

Feel free to contact me at any time for further information andhttps://www.instagram.com/tmfnk_/ job offers:


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Millivolt – Schroedinger’s Pony: The Remixes Composer
2018 Abstract Additive Technophobia Rec. Composer

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