Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Dialogue edit, Audio restoration, Game audio, Mixing, Composer

Highlighted references

• Apples, Boo productions
• The Curse of Valburga, Strup Produkcija
• Dream Of Pixels, Dawn Of Play

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FAQ, About

About Tom Lemajič

Sound designer | Tom Lemajič s.p. | Slovenia

I worked as a sound designer for the past decade on many documentary, short and feature films as well as video games and animation. I’m in a stage where I’m looking for more sound projects to challenge and further develop my skills.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Idyll Blade Productions Dialog Editor, Foley,
2012 Dream Of Pixels Dawn Of Play Sound Designer, Composer
2013 Dark Matter Interwave studios Sound Design, Composer
2012 Little Ghost RTV Slovenija Sound Designer, Dialog Editor, Foley
2014 VOYAGER/ DR. MAVRETIČ RTV Slovenija Sound Designer,Dialog edit, Foley, Final Mix
2018 Last Man Predrag Radulovič Sound Designer, Composer
2017 Slovenija Avstralia in jutri ves svet Perfo productions Dialog editor, Sound designer, Foley artist
2017 Apoptosis Strup produkcija Sound designer, Special sound fx designer
2018 Year of the Monkey Strup produkcija Sound designer, Foley artist, Dialog editor
2017 Martin Krpan Strup produkcija Sound designer, Foley artist
2017 Amadablam Film Horizont Sound designer, Foley artist, Final Mix
2018 Unstill Capitan Sound design, Foley, Re-recording mixer
2018 Ivan In Karla Rtv Slovenia Sound design, Re-recording mixer
2019 The Curse of Valburga Strup produkcija / 666 Productions Sound designer, Composer, Re-recording mixer, Dialog editor
2019 Pumpkin on the Hot Roof of the World Strup Produkcija Dialog editor
2020 Apples Boo productions, Perfo co-production Re-recording mixer, Foley artist
2020 Quaranteen’d audio drama series Hodgepodge.fm Sound design, Editor


Year Award Awarded for
2015 FSF best feature film Idyll
2017 FGF official selection Amadablam
2020 FSF best sound Apples (Mila)


Year School Course
2008 Sae Audio Engineering
2011 Middlesex University Media production management

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