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About Tom Tolleson

Composer | Aetna/CVS | USA | New York

Tom Tolleson
Managing ML and Audio Engineer/Cloud Solutions Architecture
Brooklyn, New York +1 (443) 514 7359
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I’m a senior-level Audio Engineer (implementor) with a strong background in audio engineering, composition as well as machine learning and architectural implementation of performative audio systems. I manage large teams using agile values and a safe culture.

I work with Max/MSP, Kyma, Ableton, Steinberg Cubase, Dorico and Davinci Resolve. I compose algorithmically using Lisp in the Opus Modus IDE. I also work in gaming audio using Wwise and Steam middleware. I have 22 years of experience in professional video, CG animation and audio post-production. 
I also work with live performers from the Juilliard school, theater and other professional backgrounds for recording in-studio at a discounted rate when requested.  

I provide air support to development, data engineering and machine learning teams in their dealings with stakeholders and clients. I also provide analytics to bring sophisticated, evident insights into organizational processes. This drives change while improving reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Core Competencies:

Programming: SQL, Python, LISP, R
Steinberg Dorico 
Steinberg Cubase 
Symbolic Sound Kyma (sound design) 
Audiokinetic Wwise (game middleware) 
Lisp (programming) in OpusModus 
Google Cloud Platform: Lambda architecture, Big Table and Big Query.
Amazon Web Services: Redshift, Athena.
Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Academic skills:
Machine Learning/Neural Networks with Tensorflow.


The Juilliard School Evening Division
2015 – Current
I have been a student and contributor to performances for the past six years.
Selected for Juilliard’s showcase of new evening division composers in 2017 for my piece Merry Guesswork. I appear in the annual New Music festival for Juilliard evening division composers. 

Dymaxion Groove Records
July 2010 – Current
Owner and founder of this record label devoted to groundbreaking, experimental musicians.
Appeared on the custom instruments compilation record “I Said No Doctors!” along with Dan Deacon, Silver Apples, Oval, David Grubbs, Jad Fair, Yuri Landman and String noise.
Press: A Spill Music Exclusive Premiere, Tom Tolleson Kosciuszko – 

CVS Health
Director of Data Engineering
June 2020 – Current
New York, NY

Joined Aetna in 2020 which had recently been purchased by CVS Health. I am a leader in the productization of a service which uses marketing tools and processes to update members about health issues, next steps and recommended providers.

• Leading three teams of data engineers (15 people in total), 2 QA engineers and three offshore production support engineers.
• Building data pipelines to provide multiple data tenancies with enriched data for campaigns based on machine-learning models of member population segments. Models are comprised of R, Python, Tensorflow and Hive .hql files.
• Operationalizing machine learning models and managing MLOps.
• Distributing healthcare-gap informational campaign data through channels such as email, SMS, retail point-of-sale, pharmacy panel screens and phone representative contact.
• Constructing data pipelines for input of campaign results data for data science analysis.
• Using Kubernetes for distributed, containerized Airflow orchestration.
• Leading Cloud initiatives in GCP as well as AWS.
• Facilitating training with AWS Cloud and Google Cloud for all of my engineers.
• Created and managing offshore team of 24/7 production support.
• Managing multiple weekly deployments in Github with Devops CI/CD in Jenkins.
• Built QA team for new feature regression testing and standardized deployment cycle to include feature notes for product team to communicate to stakeholders.
• Holding weekly design sessions and code reviews.
• Working closely with engineers to prepare them to realize career goals.

Director of Data Engineering
April 2019 – December. 2019
New York, NY

In 2019 I met a group developing a data engineering platform during a Meetup of the New York Statistical Programming Group.
• Leading a team of data engineers and applying hands-on skills to build data pipelines from multiple channels including Google, Facebook and Twitter.
• Updated Apache Airflow to queue-based cluster with Celery and Redis as a message broker.
• Working closely with media teams to meet the need for data insight from clients as diverse as Mini Cooper, HBO, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s and Spotify.
• Developed ETL in Python and supported analytics with visualizations with Shiny Apps, Tez and Tableau.
• Performed analytics for CarMax Parquet files and semistructured data in Amazon Athena, Hadoop Mapreduce, Hive.
• MongoDB.

Macmillan Learning
Senior Manager – Solutions Architecture and Enterprise Data
December 2015 – April 2019
New York, NY

Brought in to Macmillan by a former coworker at Cushman & Wakefield who was assembling an “A-Team” under the new CEO.

• Co-founded data pipeline and analytics system for Macmillan Learning. Provided Business Intelligence for executive negotiation with large contracts as well as more-focused sales, finance and marketing.
• Created Data Warehouse in AWS with Amazon Redshift, DynamoDB for transactional data and Python in Lambda Functions.
• Updated data pipeline to include containerized Python ETL with PyPi server.
• Rescued failing revenue streams by keeping them active with digital product availability.
• Converting failing infrastructure to Amazon Web Services Cloud. This involved Directed 43 resources across four continents and completed 2 weeks ahead of time.
• Provided first actionable market-share based sales and marketing insights with “threat matrix” of competitor products.
• Provided sales with previously non-existent insights such as potential customers using competitor products.
• Reduced Capex spend by $50,000 within three months by replacing vendor data services.
• Eliminated 40% duplication of effort on predictive analytics and data mapping initiatives.
• Provided sales, marketing and production with baselines and tools to compete in their markets.

Cushman & Wakefield
Senior Data Manager, CRM Data
November 2013 – December 2015 (2 years 2 months)
New York, NY

Hired by Cushman & Wakefield to consolidate the CRM systems of all global agents into a single, enterprise instance of
• Created a single set of measurable services across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas with a single, enterprise instance of The scope of this initiative was over 250 instances of 20 different CRM systems across 35 countries in multiple languages.
• Created single online experience for employees and customers using Okta SSO.
• Provided company with global forecasting insight between Salesforce opportunities and actuals.

Senior Manager, Intranet Solutions Architecture (contract position)
April 2013 – November 2013 (8 months)
New York, NY

Charged with unifying the multiple intranet technologies into a single SharePoint/.Net intranet.
• Provided single, global employee services with modernized and standardized global AIG intranet within a months.
• Eliminated fragmented technical obstacles which previously kept global business units from aligning efforts.
• Saved company 7-figure opportunity losses by creating efficient policy workflow from data insights on airline risk evaluations.

United States Naval Academy
Clinical Data Manager
May 2012 – April 2013 (1 year)
Annapolis, MD

Support and deployment for PHI data communication. Annapolis is the penultimate assignment for Navy medical professionals before they might pursue a career as Surgeon General (Bethesda is the final post). The environment was highly competitive and a similarly high degree of security was employed to protect medical performance information as well as patient PHI data. Being a part of an organization that provided top-quality health care for veterans and working alongside Navy officers was a rewarding experience.
• Eliminated security risks by successfully aligning with Defense Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).
• Secured PHI information architecture and security for Naval Health Clinic on Microsoft SharePoint platform.
• Held Secret Clearance.

Lockheed Martin
Usability Specialist and Learning Researcher at Lockheed Martin/ Northrop Grumman
February 2007 – May 2012 (5 years 4 months)
Baltimore, MD

• Eliminated 6-figure spend by automating contract reporting for Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.
• Reduced overhead for Social Security field offices by Implementing first dynamic SSI application usability tested as successful with a wide sample of the American population.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research Assistant Data/Eye tracking and SQL
February 2003 – May 2006 (3 years 4 months)
Chapel Hill, NC

• Managed multiple human-computer interaction studies.
• Administrator of Linux web servers for the Open Video Project.
• Conducted eye-tracking experiments for usability and autism studies.
• Co-authored “Conceptions of Features and Semantic Clusters as Search Mechanisms: A Pilot Study.” tvpapers04/unc.pdf

IntraHealth International
Digital Archives Manager
January 2001 – December 2003 (3 years)
Chapel Hill, NC

• Conducted research and maintained relevant medical communications for global HIV initiatives for USAID PRIME II project.
• Assisted Master or Public Health (MPH) researchers in data analysis in SAS Analytics software.

Zoom Culture
Digital Media Manager/Senior Video Editor
May 2000 – December 2001 (1 year 8 months)
Chapel Hill, NC

• Managed a 12+ person mid-shore and off shore team of video editors and multimedia producers for various in-house video productions such as “Hip
• Hop Nation.”
• Managed on-location video post-production for yearly international AIESEC student leadership convention in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Digital Entertainment Group
Co-Founder/Digital Asset Manager
May 1995 – May 2000 (5 years 1 month)
Chapel Hill, NC

• Co-Founder of internal video post-production house providing video and multimedia services for various properties owned by DKT International, a Non- Government Organization for social marketing of HIV prevention, women’s reproductive health and family planning.
• Edited video productions using Final Cut Pro, Media 100 and Softimage 3D.

European Counsel Direct
Assistant Editor
June 1994 – December 1994 (7 months)
London, United Kingdom

• Earned a work visa for the UK as part of the British Universities North America conference.
• Assistant editor for “European Counsel Direct,” the first comprehensive legal guide to the newly formed European Union in London.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MS Information Science· (2016 – 2021)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills
BA English/History· (1990 – 1994)

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