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About Vijay Rathinam

Sound designer | The AudioVille | India

Vijay Rathinam runs The AudioVille, a boutique film and television sound editorial facility based in the film district of Chennai, established in the year 2010. The AudioVille’s creative crew has worked on various film and television projects across the world from BBC to Bollywood. Vijay is a sound design specialist with well over nine years of experience collectively in Indian motion picture and British television industries. Vijay has worked in more than 70 south Indian feature films as a sound editor performing various roles in the audio industry. After working in the Indian industry, he felt the need to be educated, which made him immigrate into Great Britain. In Britain he pursued a master’s degree in advanced music production, which he completed with distinction. During his time at Glamorgan University, he developed and mastered his skills on sampling, synthesis, recording, sound editing and mixing with cutting edge modern and Vintage technology.

Soon after his graduation he was offered a sound editor role at Inspire GLG (an animation tele-film studio based in Worcestershire, England). At Inspire GLG, Vijay worked in “Boblins”, “Odd-Jobbers” and “Amber’s Animals”. “Boblins” and “Odd- Jobbers” are currently being broadcasted in more than 17 countries around the world including UK, Canada, Australia and France. “Amber’s Animals” (yet to be released) was the sixth most screened show in MIPCOM fest-2008 (Annual international tele-film festival held at Cannes). After working with Inspire GLG Vijay moved on to Taylor Drew productions and was a key member in the development of their new series “Sofi on safari”. Taylor Drew Productions is now renamed as Blink animation. Vijay then moved back to India and started The AudioVille, where he assembled a team of highly talented sound editors and foley artists.

Ever since The AudioVille has been involved in a lot of films across the world market. The team has such a wide variety of experience as they have collaborated with world renowned sound crews, film directors, producers from the UK, Europe, Russia, Bollywood etc. With such variety in clientbase, AudioVille’s team is able to relate and collaborate with clients from various cultures speaking different languages.

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