Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Audio implementation, Immersive audio, Middleware, Several SD tools.

Highlighted references

• Attractio
• El Camino (in post production)
• Sophie’s guardian

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FAQ, About

About Vinicio Colin

Sound designer | Raccon Lab | Mexico

Three years ago I explored new opportunities in my career, like working
in my first video game, took the time for studying all about video games
sound world, attending to the First “AES AR/VR conference” in Los
Angeles (I’m learning every day about immersive audio and new
technologies), attending a conference (and later a personal meeting) with
Eduardo Vaisman from Ubisoft Toronto. My first game came by the hand
of my best friends in Mexican industry, Render Farm Studios, longtime
collaborators, and partners in video games dream, then, we join efforts
with Game Coder Studios, a Mexican indie studio with an in-development
game and a deal with Bandai/Namco for publishing the game.
Since then, we became a strong alliance, reaching our goals and dreams in
video games industry. We released the first Latin American video game
published by a major publisher ( Attractio ), after that we release the first
Latin American VR game ( Sophie’s Guardian ). Nowadays, we are focused
on developing a new VR experience, Renewal is a VR/Stop-motion indie
game. At the same time, we are working on industrial VR training
experiences for companies as important as Pemex (major Mexican oil
company), Amgen and Mercedes Benz, among others. Also, we have
developed several VR and AR experiences for major companies such as
Samsung, Aeromexico, Ricolino, Pixelatl Festival and much more.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Sophie’s Guardian Steam Sound designer, Audio integration, Composer, Mixer, Music.
2015 Attractio Bandai/Namco Sound designer, Audio integration, Mixer, Foley artist.
2020 El Camino Dark Frame, Render Farm Sound designer, Field recordist, Rerecording mixer
2017 Teaser Festival Pixelatl Mixer, Sound designer, Composer, Musician
2014 Short Film Render Farm Mixer, re/recording mixer (5.1), Sound designer, Composer, Musician
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