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Specializes in:

SFX libraries

Other skills

Sound Design for games, field recording, synthesis, music composition

Highlighted references

• Dynamedion
• Cinetools

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Sound designer | Italy

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

I am Vincenzo Bellanova, sound designer and music composer based in Milan, Italy. I love creating sounds in every form and shape, I am passionate about synthesizers, field recording and sound manipulation.

I have experience in creating sound effect libraries and synth patch libraries as well as sound effects for movie trailers. Some of my collaborations include UVI, U-he, Cinetools, Sugar Bytes, Artlist.

I love game audio and I am collaborating as a freelancer with Dynamedion creating assets for video games.

I have a music background as a pianist and a musical project, Enzalla, with which I constantly release music and compose for TV spots and commercials.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Cinetools – Otherworld Cinetools Sound Designer
2018 Cinetools – Mist Cinetools Sound Designer
2017 Cinetools – Maximus Cinetools Sound Designer
2018 Meteor UVI Sound Designer
2017 Crystallia U-he Sound Designer


Year School Course
2022 School of Video Game Audio Wwise Implementation
2019 Università degli Studi di Milano Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Literature
2020 University of Bedfordshire Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production

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